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The Biggest Benefits of a Commercial Lighting Retrofit


Too many commercial spaces have inferior lighting in them. This is often because the interior lighting of a building was one of the last considerations during the construction and design phase, and it never received proper attention in the grand scheme of things. For older buildings, lighting was designed without the knowledge we have today about how proper lighting in a workspace helps with productivity.

If you don’t have the budget for a massive renovation of your commercial building but want to boost its appearance and overall productivity, a lighting retrofit in Olympia, WA may be the ideal option. We have award-winning technicians and are an Energy Services Company (ESCO)—we’re more than just electricians! We’ll put our extensive design, construction, and energy-efficiency knowledge to work to create the best results.

The Major Benefits of a Lighting Retrofit

Not all these benefits apply to each commercial space, but even a few of them make a significant difference when a professional retrofit is complete.

  • Fast rate of return: One of the primary goals of a lighting retrofit is to lower energy costs with LED and other energy-efficient bulbs. The reduction in energy costs can be from 25% to 90% depending on your older lighting design. That’s a terrific return on investment, and the ROI time is rapid. Most companies see the costs of a retrofit returned in two years. Our experts can help you estimate your ROI.
  • Environmentally friendly: One of the most important parts of our job is understanding the environmental impact of a building during its lifecycle. A lighting retrofit lowers the impact of a building on an environment because LED lights stay out of landfills (they last three to four times longer than conventional lights) and have few harmful chemicals in them.
  • Incentives: You may be eligible for several tax incentives and grants for putting in environmentally friendly and energy-efficient lighting. This makes it easier to pay for retrofits upfront and speeds up the already fast rate of return. We specialize in this field and we can help buildings achieve LEED-certification.
  • Lower maintenance: Building maintenance is a big-ticket item on an annual budget. A lighting retrofit puts in lights that need little maintenance thanks to their longevity.
  • Improved worker productivity: Better lighting makes a better workspace. This applies to all types of workspaces, from office environments to warehouses. It also makes the workplace safer for everyone in it—employers, customers, clients, tenants, etc.—and also deters theft and crime.
  • Lower HVAC energy use: New lighting emits much less heat than older bulbs, and this creates a building that costs less to cool overall.
  • Aesthetic improvements: Quality professional lighting retrofits aim to make spaces look better, not just have better lighting for work. Changing lighting is a cost-effective way to provide a make-over for a workspace without massive renovations.

We are committed to improving energy efficiency and the responsible use of natural resources. You can trust to our more than four decades of experience when it comes to the best lighting retrofit for your commercial facility.

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