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What Our Pre-Construction Services Mean for You


There are some projects you can undertake with little planning, such as painting a picture, writing a poem, or going on a hike. But most projects require plans, and when it comes to commercial construction, something bigger than mere planning is necessary. A construction project for a commercial building needs more than blueprints and contracts and purchasing. It needs complete pre-construction services, a complex system that has replaced older building preparation models to create an integrated project that moves smoothly toward the ideal outcome with minimal waste.

What Our Pre-Construction Services Cover

Pre-construction services are part of our design-build commercial services model. This means we coordinate the design team with the engineering team, rather than have a separate design company create a plan and then allow other contractors to bid on it. Pre-construction folds together several of our services into a single plan. These services include:

  • Value Engineering – This is where we determine if the concept of the client’s project will fit within their budget. We look for places where we can lower costs and make projections on the life-cycle cost analysis of job materials so we are able to offer alternatives. Our experience is invaluable in this process—we’ve worked on similar projects with success before.
  • Estimating – Once value engineering is finished, we go to work with creating a full estimate for the project.
  • Conceptualizing – In many ways, this is the most exciting part of pre-construction. It’s when we provide a client with a vision of what the final project will look like. We use the finest in software to render a full design for the project.
  • Scheduling – A preliminary schedule lays out the key milestones for the project and helps all departments work together seamlessly. Potential stuck-points can be identified early.
  • Procurement Management – The stage where the materials necessary for the construction are gathered.
  • Prefabrication Services – Prefabrication services refers to the off-site creation and assembly of building components, followed by moving them to the site so they can be integrated into the build. These components include sheet metal, steel frames, wall elements, HVAC equipment, plumbing, etc. This helps save money, increase construction speed, and boost safety compared to the older process of doing on-site fabrication.
  • Safety – At all stages of a commercial construction project, safety is a primary concern. With pre-construction services, safety precautions are integrated at an early stage. We take all the steps necessary to comply with local, state, and federal regulations and create a safety plan for the specific project. There is no “template” for safety—it must be tailored to the project.

Let Us Make Your Project a Success

Our pre-construction services in Olympia, WA will save you money and allow your project to flow without major bumps along the way. A successful pre-construction stage is key to long-term success and a building with a long life-cycle.

We have served clients since 1976, and we take immense pride in the quality of our work and our dedication to core values of integrity and honesty. We’ll build a trusting relationship with you, starting from the first design concepts and initial meetings.

Sunset Air—Over 40 Years of Innovative Solutions! Schedule an appointment with us today.

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