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Energy Retrofits in Olympia, WA

A retrofit can upgrade an older building to make use of the best in technology. The addition of new systems allows for better HVAC, plumbing, security, and more. The energy retrofit is one of the most common options for making building upgrades. An extensive (or deep) energy retrofit can create a 30% or greater reduction in energy use for an older building—provided it’s done by expert technicians who understand the best in the available energy-saving technology.

Sunset Air is a fully qualified commercial services company in Olympia, WA and serves all of South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington. We can provide the highest quality energy retrofits for commercial facilities in the area—we’re a Washington State Energy Services Company (ESCO) and have LEED-certified technicians who can help a building go green. Work with us for your building’s energy retrofit and you’ll see the results you want.

Schedule an appointment with our team today to discuss your Olympia, WA energy retrofit options. Contact our team today to get started.

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How Facilities Can Be Retrofitted for Better Energy Efficiency

The way our team handles an energy retrofit depends on the building and how extensively a client wishes to alter it to see higher efficiency levels. We can do standard retrofits to improve the electrical system and change the lighting. We can also do a deep or advanced energy retrofit, which goes beyond what a standard retrofit provides and changes energy use in a building by 30% or more. This not only lowers operating costs, but it also significantly improves the value of a facility.

Here are a few of the ways we can energy retrofit a building:

  • A major upgrade to the HVAC system and its zoning. This often requires ductwork replacement/redesign and new climate controls.
  • Installations of building automation systems to integrate different building systems and find the best ways to conserve energy.
  • Renewable energy system upgrades such as solar panels and geothermal heat pumps.
  • Changes to the building envelope, including walls, doors, and windows, to prevent heat loss and heat gain around the year.

Your Commercial Building Efficiency Experts in Olympia, WA

At Sunset Air we take seriously our commitment to the responsible use of natural resources. Optimizing energy efficiency is one of our principal goals when doing any type of construction, maintenance, or remodeling. When you arrange for an energy retrofit with our technicians, you can trust that you’ll receive the best possible service from experts who have cutting edge technology at their disposal. We’ll provide a roadmap for energy savings with specific performance goals, and we’ll also apply for government energy rebates that help make the upgrades more affordable.

Our job is never fully finished—we handle all phases of a building’s life cycle. You can rely on us for keeping your building at peak energy efficiency after we’ve completed your energy retrofit in Olympia, WA. Call us to arrange for an appointment to see how best to make your facility an energy-saver.