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Energy Services Company (ESCO) Services in Olympia, WA

When it comes to construction and retrofits for your commercial building or facility, you should never settle for less than the best. All it takes to find the best is to call a commercial contractor who comes with the highest certifications. The quality of the work will pay you back many times—especially if the contractor can deliver the highest amount of energy efficiency in construction and retrofits along with a guarantee of savings.

Sunset Air is a State of Washington approved Energy Services Company (ESCO). This is a government certification that shows we have the skills for optimal energy efficiency in construction projects—with savings guaranteed. Since we started in business in Olympia, WA, we’ve prioritized cost-effective solutions and the responsible use of natural resources. As an ESCO, we are a contractor you can trust for your commercial needs in South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington.

Work with your local Energy Services Company: Sunset Air. Contact our team today to schedule commercial services in the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington Areas.

What Is an Energy Services Company?

The short explanation is that an Energy Services Company is a company that provides energy solutions to customers through changes to how their facility consumes energy. The ESCO achieves this through retrofitting, implementation of energy-saving projects, energy audits, risk management, and more. An ESCO must qualify with the US Department of Energy.

ESCOs first developed during the energy crisis of the 1970s. Businesses were hesitant to invest in cost-saving measures because they were concerned that they would not receive the promised savings. The solution to this was for contractors to offer to pay the difference if the energy-saving projects did not provide a return on investment for the clients. This is known as performance contracting. This is how the ESCO model was developed, and how it still operates today.

This guarantee of savings sets an Energy Services Company apart from standard consulting engineers and equipment contractors, who don’t accept any risk on a project. Since 1990, the work of ESCOs have helped save over $55 billion.

What You Can Expect From an ESCO

Simple—savings, guaranteed! An Energy Services Company begins a project with a complete analysis of a property. Then its technicians develop energy projects and other solutions and install them. The job doesn’t stop there, however. The ESCO maintains the installed solutions to monitor how much energy they conserve so they can guarantee savings during the payback period. If the project doesn’t pay back its initial installation cost over this period, the ESCO must pay the difference. This rarely happens—if you hire a great, qualified ESCO like us!

We Are Your Local Energy Services Company for Olympia, WA

You can depend on the engineering team at Sunset Air for all your commercial projects. We’re an ESCO with the experience in design and implementation to increase your facility’s efficiency. Our teamwork will ensure a smooth integration of all the separate elements of your project, from initial design through to financing and operation. We accept the risk, and you receive the reward—this is part of our energy saving performance contract.

Since 1976, we have been one of Olympia, WA’s most trusted commercial contractors. That’s why we’re a certified ESCO. Get in touch with us today so you can work with the best commercial engineering team in the area.