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Prefabrication Services in Olympia, WA

Are you currently looking for a design-build contractor for commercial facility construction, or a contractor to handle the construction phase to realize a design? You can go to many companies for construction services, but we recommend hiring a contractor who provides in-house prefabrication services. Off-site prefabrication will enhance your project with savings, efficiency, speed, customization, safety, and more.

Since 1976, Sunset Air has delivered consistently high-quality construction service to Olympia, WA and throughout the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington areas. Our prefabrication services help us uphold our commitment to quality in any construction project we take on. If you want superior results with your commercial project, talk to a member of our team today.

Work with the award-winning commercial building project team in Olympia! Contact our team today to get started.

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Prefabrication vs. Conventional On-Site Methods

Prefabrication is exactly what it sounds like—the process of assembling and building the components of a construction project off-site and then transporting them to the site where they are integrated into the build. This changes the conventional approach where the materials for the components are first taken to the site and then assembled at a temporary shop set up at the location. Prefabrication can include sheet metal, steel frames, wall elements, HVAC equipment, plumbing, and more. This process has overtaken older methods because of the numerous advantages it offers in construction.

The Advantages of Prefabrication Services in Commercial Construction

More commercial, industrial, and residential construction projects are relying on off-site prefabrication because of its long list of benefits:

  • Saves money: The conditions of a prefabrication shop reduce the amount of waste and labor necessary for construction and cut down on the general inefficiency of handling fabrication on-site. It’s also less expensive to transport pre-assembled components to the site than transporting raw materials. The overall improvements in efficiency and resource conservation can significantly reduce construction costs across the board.
  • Speeds up construction: Prefabrication services can reduce the build time by up to 50%, taking weeks off the schedule. It’s faster and easier to assemble components off-site and lowering the amount of time spent on-site also lowers the time necessary to complete the build.
  • Improves quality: When the components of a projects are assembled in a single, dedicated fabrication environment with controlled conditions, it allows for more consistent quality.
  • Improves safety: Less time on-site means more work done under controlled environments and fewer chances for worker injuries. The higher quality products make the building itself safer for occupants.

Ingenuity and Expertise in Commercial Services in Olympia, WA

Sunset Air is a full-service commercial construction contractor providing prefabrication services in Olympia, WA. Whether you hire us for full design-build and building management or you only need our build services, we’ll streamline the process with our innovative prefabrication services. Because we’re committed to the responsible use of natural resources, prefabrication is a perfect fit for us—we cut down on waste during construction and conserve materials. We are dedicated to the best in collaboration among our teams so we can always deliver the quality results our customers demand. If you have any questions about our build services or any other commercial building project services, call our offices.