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Energy Retrofit Services in Olympia, WA

Continuing professional commercial facility management takes on many jobs to ensure a productive, efficient, and long life cycle for a building. When it comes to the efficiency of the facility, a key task is keeping the building up to date with current energy standards. To keep a building current and to improve energy consumption with the best advances in technology, it may be necessary for facility management to conduct an energy retrofit.

Sunset Air handles energy retrofits for facilities in Olympia, either as part of our ongoing facility management services or as an independent service for a facility looking to go green and significantly lower its energy use. We have an award-winning and highly qualified team for this service—we are a Washington State approved Energy Service Company (ESCO) and have LEED-certified technicians to help building go green.

Arrange for facility management with a top commercial services company in the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington Areas. Contact us today to get started!

How the Energy Retrofit Upgrades a Building

The advances in energy-efficient equipment and building controls has changed significantly even over the last decade. If we are managing your facility, our energy benchmarking and controls analytics will identify where the facility is falling behind in general energy efficiency—and we’ll know what type of retrofit will bring it up to current standards and save you energy.

There are many ways to provide an energy retrofit: Upgrading the HVAC system and redesigning ductwork. Adding cutting-edge climate controls with smart technology. Integrating building systems through building automation. Installing renewable energy system such as solar panels and geothermal heat pumps. Upgrading the indoor and outdoor lighting to LED lights. Improving the building’s envelope with better doors and windows.

Benefits of an Energy Retrofit

Facility management always seeks to keep a building as productive and efficient as possible for as long as it exists. Conducting a deep energy retrofit can reduce energy use in a building by 30% or more. This not only saves you money, but it also helps the facility operate for more years and increases its value. Thanks to government incentives and rebate programs, these retrofits are more affordable. (Our team can handle all the work involved in applying for the incentives and rebates.)

We Are Your Commercial Energy Retrofit Experts in Olympia, WA

Responsible use of natural resources, such as energy, is one of our core values at Sunset Air. Since we started in business in 1976, we have always kept on the cutting-edge of energy-efficient technology. We use it at each phase of a building’s life cycle during facility management. Our technicians use innovation and creativity to see that the newest technology is put to the best use.

When you entrust your building in the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington areas to our management, we’ll know when and how to provide the ideal energy retrofits. We aren’t here only to do a single job and then leave: our facility management team is in this for the long term. You can trust to our integrity to always do right by our customers and look after their needs.