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Commercial Plumbing Services in Olympia, WA

The plumbing in a commercial building is mostly hidden from sight, except for fixtures such as faucets. This is the way it should be: designers and engineers create plumbing systems that are unobtrusive and effective. Although unseen, the plumbing is as essential a part of the building as its power source and HVAC system. If the plumbing is poorly designed, in need of repair, or allowed to deteriorate, it will bring operations to a halt and result in code violations.

Only licensed commercial plumbers should take care of the services for your facility’s plumbing. Sunset Air offers full lifecycle services for buildings, and that means every job necessary for plumbing: new construction, upgrades, repairs, maintenance, and consultations. We’ve served businesses in Olympia, WA and the surrounding areas since 1976.

Call our award-winning professionals for new construction plumbing, retrofits, repairs, and maintenance in the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington Areas.

New Construction Plumbing

We are committed to staying at the leading edge of new construction plumbing technology, and we’ve followed the developments over the four decades we’ve been in business. Our engineering team works with precision because every member knows that only a single mis-installed pipe or a faulty fixture can lead to chain reaction of damage, clogs, and leaks that can cost a business thousands of dollars—or even more.

Our new construction plumbers not only carefully follow all regulations and codes, but they also find creative solutions to ensure the plumbing system goes beyond simply being "up to code." It’s always their goal to provide a complete plumbing system that’s free of leaks, won’t rattle and make noise, uses no wasted material, and will last for decades with few problems.

We do more than put in plumbing for new buildings. We also handle building upgrades and retrofits to replace outdated systems.

Complete Lifecycle Commercial Plumbing Services

The complexity of the plumbing in a commercial building can seem staggering. There are so many spots where troubles can appear. If top professionals, like our engineering team, provided the installation work, then you can expect to run into few plumbing mishaps in the future. But no plumbing system is immune to problems—our plumbers are ready to handle repairs, including emergencies, to prevent work-stoppage, code violations, and damage to the facility.

To help prevent these hassles, we provide complete plumbing maintenance along with our other building maintenance service. We’re in this for the full life of your building—and we plan to see that it’s a long life.

The Experienced Commercial Plumbing Team for Olympia, WA

To plan, install, fix, and maintain your commercial plumbing, Sunset Air is the best resource in Olympia, WA. Our commercial engineering team uses innovation and creativity to come up with plumbing solutions for our customers. We fit our tools and techniques to meet your exact needs. We are dedicated to ensuring your building has the best plumbing system offering you few concerns—we let you relax and get back to work!

Schedule an appointment today for a consultation or call us 24-hours a day for emergency repair services in South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington. You can trust to our values of integrity and responsibility.