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Estimating Services in Olympia, WA

Any commercial building project comes with a cost, and numerous factors must be accounted for to create an accurate estimate of the final cost. Estimating commercial construction and commercial retrofits isn’t like adding up a few columns for doing a kitchen remodel on a home. Commercial estimating services combine engineering, construction, design, and programming, and makes use of complex modeling software. Estimating is also an ongoing process, moving from initial estimates during design to changes made during the construction process that help to keep projects within budget.

Sunset Air handles the full lifecycle of commercial buildings, and our estimators use this information to help create the most accurate project estimates possible. We’ve served Olympia, WA and areas throughout South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington since 1976 and have completed numerous commercial projects for our satisfied customers.

Leave your estimating services to the local pros—Sunset Air! Contact our team today to get started.

The Commercial Estimating Process

Our aim with every one of our clients is to offer the most accurate information necessary to make informed decisions, whether we are hired specifically for estimates or as part of a larger project. Our estimators produce realistic budgets in a timely fashion and stay in close communication with clients through the design, pre-construction, and construction phase.

When you work with us for your project, we’ll assign a team of estimators who are a good fit for you. This team has extensive resources from numerous fields. The estimators will be able to give you a baseline cost early on based on their extensive knowledge, innovative modeling programs, and full analysis of the project’s scope, performance, and quality. They will continue to identify risks and obstacles and make updates to the estimate during construction—with the goal of helping to keep the project on budget and on schedule.

Innovation in Estimation

Our business model is focused on innovation and creativity. When providing you with the estimates you need for your commercial project, we’ll use the finest in technology and modeling. We are always thorough and meticulous so we can identify risk areas early and reduce the chance of unexpected surprises throwing off your budget. You won’t just receive a generic checklist of items and their prices—we use a customized approach to serve the needs of your project, and we constantly update our methods so we can adapt to any specific requirements you have. You can expect comprehensive and trustworthy estimates when you choose us for your commercial construction and upgrades.

Your Commercial Estimating Pros in Olympia, WA

We have a licensed and certified engineering team, and our entire company has extensive experience in commercial construction on all sizes and scales. We have a portfolio of many successfully completed projects—and every bit of experience goes toward making our estimating services more accurate. We have a wide database we can use to assist us, and we rely on cutting edge technology to ensure the best outcome.

To get in touch with the award-winning team at Sunset Air for estimating services, simply call our Olympia, WA offices today.