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Commercial Lighting Retrofit Services in Olympia, WA

Poor lighting in a business contributes to a large waste of energy and productivity. But this is a problem that is simple to remedy. A lighting retrofit to upgrade the lighting both inside and outside a facility can mean a reduction of anywhere from 25% to 80% on energy costs, and it doesn’t require radical construction to get the job done. If you’re interested in a lighting retrofit for your business in Olympia, WA, call Sunset Air for a consultation.

We are proud to be of service to our community, and we have more than four decades of history helping local businesses with construction, sustainability, and energy efficiency. We are an Energy Services Company (ESCO) and LEED-certified, and we value innovation and creativity.

Schedule a lighting retrofit consultation with our award-winning technicians. Contact us today to get started in South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington.

Reasons to Consider Lighting Retrofits

A lighting retrofit is one of the easiest renovations you can make to your existing building—and also one with a high return on investment. There are several reasons to consider a lighting retrofit:

  • Energy savings: If your commercial space still relies on conventional incandescent lights, you’re pouring out money. We can retrofit your business to use energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED lights. The rate of return for lighting upgrades is the highest among energy-efficient technology, with an expected payback period of 2–3 years.
  • Improved productivity: Inferior lighting can contribute to a loss of productivity among employees. An upgrade can simultaneously reduce costs while enhancing illumination.
  • Environmental impact: Are you interested in going green for your business? A lighting retrofit is one of the first steps to take—and it can make a major difference in pollution reduction.
  • Safety: Better lighting in key areas helps to create a safe workspace.
  • Aesthetics: New lighting can change the entire look of the exterior and interior of a building—at a much lower cost than more extensive renovations.

A Successful Lighting Retrofit

A retrofit for a business is much more than putting new lightbulbs in sockets. Even a retrofit for a residential home is a significant task. As with many projects we handle, a successful lighting retrofit begins with analyzing the space and current energy use and consulting with the owner about project goals. We then identify specific inefficiencies we can address.

When you contract us for a lighting retrofit, you aren’t only working with commercial electricians. We have a full team of designers and engineers with experience working on projects of all scopes, from initial concept through to the end of a building life’s cycle. We take a holistic approach to each job—you can except your lighting retrofit to meet and exceed your expectations, no matter your original goals.

Schedule Lighting Retrofits and More in Olympia, WA

Sunset Air handles commercial building project management for Olympia, WA, and we’ve been in business since 1976. We are committed to improving energy efficiency and the responsible use of natural resources. Thanks to our extensive experience with design, engineering, and construction, we are ideal for handling jobs like lighting retrofits. We want each of our clients to benefit from green and other energy efficient technologies and see a swift return on investment. Above all, we’re dedicated to delivering quality on each job—it’s how we’ve formed so many lasting relationships with clients in South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington.