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Commercial Design-Assist in Olympia, WA

The process of designing and constructing a commercial building goes through numerous stages. At Sunset Air, we offer both design-build and design-assist project delivery models. With design-build, we handle the tasks of designing the building as well as its construction: we oversee all the jobs that would otherwise be subcontracted out to different companies. This process is ideal for many new projects, since it enhances teamwork, reduces waste, and improves communication.

But design-build is not ideal for all purposes, which is why we also provide the design-assist delivery model. You can put your trust in our designers, architects, and engineers to produce the results you need. We have built up many strong relationships with our clients in Olympia, WA since we started in business in 1976, and we abide by principles of quality, integrity, and responsibility.

Work with our award-winning team for your commercial project in the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington Areas. Contact our team today!

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What Is Design-Assist?

Design-assist is an alternative to design-build and design-bid for project delivery. Rather than handle the entire project from design to the completion of construction (design-build), or only overseeing the design, which is handed off to a contractor afterwards (design-bid), design-assist has the team of designers, architects, and engineers collaborate with the construction team throughout the design phase. This allows for input and changes from both teams, instead of one team completing its job and then passing it on. Problems can be addressed before the design phase is finished, eliminating many future expenses because of errors and revisions.

Design-assist takes an active approach that produces superior results compared to linear delivery models, where one team takes over only after the previous one has finished, with no opportunity for collaboration. Although not as seamless as design-build, design-assist saves time and resources and helps contribute to long-term facility success.

Should I Use Design-Assist or Design-Build?

We recommend considering both, since they offer similar benefits although on different scales. They have identical goals:

  • Align designers, architects, and building contractors toward realizing the client’s vision
  • Allow expert designers and pre-construction services to assist from the start of the project
  • Lower the number of costly redesigns during construction because of budget issues and constructability restrictions
  • Create a seamless and speedier move from design to construction phase

Determining which construction delivery model works best for you is tricky. There are pros and cons to the different models, and you’ll want to select the one that provides the most value. You can work with our consulting services to decide which delivery model is best suited to your commercial needs.

Look to Us for Commercial Design Services in Olympia, WA

No matter whether you contract us for design-build, design-assist, or another level of involvement in your commercial property, you’ll be working with some of the finest technicians in their fields. Sunset Air has decades of experience providing the quality results our clients demand. We will do everything we can to smooth out the process and cut back on wasteful costs and delays. We build trust through close communication, and our dedication to doing right by both our clients and our employees. Call our offices in Olympia, WA to get started.