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Value Engineering in Olympia, WA

Far too much energy is wasted in commercial buildings. It can be due to wasteful use of materials, badly optimized systems, and poorly installed features. Often, these deficiencies aren’t easy to notice. But over the lifecycle of a building, they add up to higher costs, poorer operations, and a shorter building life. The process of value engineering can prevent these problems from the beginning or help alleviate them later.

Sunset Air provides value engineering along with our other design services (estimating, energy management, conceptualization). If you’re looking to construct a facility in Olympia, WA for long-term success and reduced operation costs, or you wish to improve savings with an older building, place your trust in our engineering team. Integrity and responsibility are our core values.

Look to South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington’s top commercial engineering team! Contact our team today to schedule a value engineering appointment with our team.

What Is Value Engineering?

Value engineering is a team effort designed to assess all the design parts of a building, which includes a top to bottom analysis of building material, plumbing and electrical systems, HVAC, and more. What value engineering is looking for is a way to achieve building function throughout the building’s life at the highest level in performance, quality, reliability, and safety. It finds and overcomes the challenges a building may face over its lifecycle and pinpoints unwanted costs.

In short, value engineering takes a wider view of a project to see if there are more cost-effective solutions that won’t change the project’s objective.

Value Engineering at Work

Our engineering team uses value engineering as an opportunity to develop creative alternatives. We can optimize building performance while lowering costs for the full lifecycle of the facility. This is where our innovation and technology shine—we cut costs while enhancing results through our advanced knowledge and equipment.

Our value engineering goes through several stages. We first identify the main elements of the facility and then analyze them. We then create alternative solutions and assess them, including their costs. Even then, we still aren’t finished: we’ll refine the alternatives, so they are more likely to achieve the goal of energy-savings without performance drops.

Value engineering can be done during any phase of a building’s life, not only at the beginning of construction or when the building is still on paper. At any point, we can analyze a building to boost savings with creative solutions. In other words, we can make a good building a better one—no matter its age.

We Offer Value Engineering in Olympia, WA

Value engineering isn’t a single process, but a method that makes use of many skills and programs. When we provide value engineering for a client, we use 3D modeling, cost analysis, manufacturing optimization, and more. All of it is aimed toward finding ways we can lower your operating costs without needing to sacrifice quality or performance.

Sunset Air has always focused on energy efficiency for our clients and the responsible use of natural resources. We have ESCO and LEED-certified designers, and we provide a wide range of services to ensure customers truly get the "value" in value engineering. Call our offices in Olympia, WA today to schedule an appointment to enhance your building and reap greater savings.