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Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services in Olympia, WA

Building construction has come a long way in only a short time. Current digital technology gives designers the power to generate complete 3D models of projects to show to customers. The technology goes beyond creating a digital mock-up, however. With building information modeling (BIM), a contractor can include in the modeling the full functionality of a building throughout its life cycle. BIM is useful during construction and beyond, as it helps coordinate all work done on the project.

Sunset Air offers a wide range of commercial services, from doing energy retrofits to complete cradle-to-grave building construction and management. BIM coordination helps us achieve the results our clients want—and we can deliver the same high-quality results for you. Trust your commercial project in Olympia, WA and elsewhere in South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington to our award-winning technicians.

Call us for the best in commercial construction and building information modeling. Contact our team to schedule commercial services in the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington Areas.

Just What Is BIM?

The simplest definition is that building information modeling is a process that creates and manages a digital model of the physical and functional characteristics of a building. This is achieved with a range of tools, software, and other technologies. BIM is currently used around the world for commercial, government, and industrial construction, and can be applied to structures aside from buildings, such as tunnels, railways, bridges, and power plants.

Although the concepts behind BIM have been around for decades, the current process and technologies emerged in the early 2000s, as digital formats became widespread and using digital models became the standard for design and engineering. It augments the older two-dimensional blueprints, and even extends into two additional dimensions past the third: time and cost.

Why BIM Is Beneficial in Commercial Construction

Think of BIM as a "big picture" tool, which includes the building after the completion of construction (something you could never get using blueprints). BIM lets you get ahead of numerous jobs in building management, since it takes into account continual building maintenance, replacement of materials, later updates and upgrades, and the replacement of energy, utility, and security systems. It helps avoid information loss between the different teams working on the project and lowers the chance of running into snags and safety hazards.

BIM also helps with green building construction. "Green BIM" can help our team of engineers and designers improve the sustainability of a building project over its entire life cycle. They can pinpoint where to install energy saving devices and products.

Building Innovation and Creativity in Olympia, WA

We started our business in 1976, and we’ve never lagged behind the technological advances necessary for us to deliver complete satisfaction to our clients. We value innovation and creativity to provide the best possible solutions. Building information modeling is one of the most powerful tools we use in design, estimating, pre-construction, construction, and maintenance services. BIM is useful for the entire life cycle of a building, and Sunset Air is dedicated to cradle-to-grave services for your project.

Speak to one of our team today to get started with realizing the vision you have for your construction project in Olympia, WA.