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Energy Management & Controls in Olympia, WA

Finding energy-saving solutions for commercial facilities is one of the most important goals at Sunset Air. We are invested in green buildings and using programs and processes that promote streamlined energy use and pinpoint options for improving overall efficiency—throughout a building’s life cycle. One of the essential parts of meeting this goal is energy management and controls for buildings. This is a place where technological developments have made tremendous leaps in only the past decade.

We’ve served Olympia, WA and South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington since 1976. During our more than four decades of history, our engineering team has amassed a large portfolio of successful projects and satisfied commercial clients. We can upgrade your current building for new energy management or make it part of a new facility construction.

Call on our experienced engineering team—we are dedicated to quality and innovation! Contact our team today to schedule energy management services in the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington Areas.

Energy Management and Building Controls

Energy management for a building must integrate numerous systems: HVAC, lighting, security, computers, and various auxiliaries. Overseeing all these systems requires advanced controls—what are called "smart" building controls. These controls and other energy management programs deliver tools to lower energy consumption and provide data useful to building managers and engineers. Along with access to multiple systems, energy management can include benchmarking, energy audits, and sustainability tracking. The "smart" software automates most of the functions: the controls track patterns of energy use and then develop programs to maximize efficiency. As the controls build up a large database of information, they become more effective at energy efficient operation.

Customized Energy Management and Controls

A residential home can be made into a "smart" home through standard control models. This is not true for commercial facilities—there are too many variables for a one-size-fits-all smart building solution. When you work with our team, either to do an energy retrofit for your building or as part of a complete design-build project, we’ll design customized controls that perfectly fit your facility. We’ll provide as many features as you want, such as full automation and remote monitoring.

Your building management controls will not only allow you to better operate your facility, but they will also provide you with data about the savings and places to implement improvements. Our technicians can use this information over the building’s life cycle for better maintenance, upgrades, and repair services.

Call the Certified Commercial Pros in Olympia, WA

You can put your complete trust in Sunset Air for energy efficiency upgrades and new construction. We are an energy services company (ESCO) and construct LEED-certified buildings. We work with projects of all sizes and types and are experienced with all aspects of construction, repair, and maintenance services necessary, and we are always at the cutting edge for innovation and cost-effective solutions. We will make every effort to ensure you have a building that saves money over an extended life cycle. If you need emergency help with your energy management and building controls in Olympia, WA, you can reach us 24 hours a day.