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Special Projects Services in Olympia, WA

Sunset Air offers complete construction services for commercial buildings and facilities. This includes construction for occupied buildings to remodel and upgrade them. We use the same collaborative and efficient approach to these special projects as we do for all new construction. Our award-winning special projects experts can handle any of the special requirements necessary to successfully complete work during the occupancy of a building.

Our experience with commercial building construction and management is extensive and we can meet any challenge on special projects—on-time and within budget. Please call our offices in Olympia, WA for answers to your questions and to schedule an appointment to find the best way to approach and complete your commercial project to your full satisfaction.

Trust our team with your commercial projects in the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington Areas! Contact us today to get started.

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The full life cycle of a building can be extended by decades with the right professional remodeling to update it and change its use. Our remodeling services can transform interiors and exteriors of existing facilities. We can change the layout of a floor or other space to make it more accessible or to change its function, add on space to expand a business, or make extensive cosmetic changes to give a drab older structure a fresh look—without the cost of starting over from scratch with a new building.

From start to finish, our team provides quality commercial remodeling with the best craftsmanship. We will get the job done right the first time so there’s no wasted time and money on re-dos.

Energy Retrofits and Other Upgrades

A retrofit is similar to remodeling and often overlaps with it—both add onto an existing building and make changes to it. But a retrofit is less about making changes to the layout and design of a space and more focused on making technological upgrades for specific functionality. For example, we offer retrofits to make buildings more green or to improve lighting, electricity, or HVAC system efficiency.

Our energy retrofits are designed to upgrade energy use throughout a facility. We can work on particular systems in the space, such as the HVAC system, or we can provide a full-facility energy retrofit that evaluates the entire building and finds the best ways to bring it in line with current energy-conservation standards. We have extensive experience with improving energy efficiency for commercial buildings: we’re a Washington State approved Energy Services Company (ESCO) and have designers with LEED-certification. Put our expertise to work for you and you’ll see significant energy savings with your retrofitted facility.

Top Special Projects Team in Olympia, WA

You want the best for upgrades, remodels, retrofits, and other construction projects for your occupied building. Sunset Air is the qualified and trustworthy contractor to meet your special project needs in South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington. With our intense planning and teamwork, we can have jobs done without your building tenants even knowing we were there.

We’ve been in business since 1976 and have built excellent community relationships and completed numerous projects for clients. We have worked hard to build trust with our commitment to integrity and responsible use of natural resources. Schedule construction remodels, retrofits, and more with us.