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Mechanical Contractor as Construction Manager (MC/CM) in Olympia, WA

Older delivery models for commercial projects pass through different stages of engineers, builders, and facility managers, with each having little to no input on the other stages. MC/CM, Mechanical Contractor as Construction Manager, offers an excellent alternative that integrates the subcontractors and service team onto the project during the engineering phase. This reduces surprise costs, solves problems early, and results in a superior facility.

Sunset Air is a top commercial construction service contractor serving South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington since 1976. We have a top engineering team and handle commercial facility services and management with the latest in technology and the best delivery models, including MC/CM. We are familiar with all stages of a building’s life cycle and can ensure your project meets your vision. Call our office for an appointment today.

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Mechanical Contractor as Construction Manager

MC/CM is a recent alternative delivery model that allows early selection of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing subcontractors to provide input during the preconstruction phase of the project. The best way to describe the advantage of this delivery model is to compare it to vehicle construction. A car starts with the engineers who designed it, then moves through the production facility to build it, and later goes to a mechanic for repairs when issues arise. Although each of these phases is done separately from the others, bringing the production facility and the mechanic into the engineering phase means that everyone has input in the best way to design, produce, and maintain the car. This means a better product with a longer service life.

With the older commercial delivery model, engineers design the project and then hand it off to the lowest bidding contractor. After completion of construction, a new service team takes over the facility maintenance. This is not a collaboration and it’s often contentious. With MC/CM, the efforts of the contractor and service team are integrated in the early stages to provide input on cost analysis, constructability, and serviceability while the designers are working on it.

Benefits of the MC/CM Model

The major benefit of this delivery model is that it allows for higher levels of integration and an atmosphere of teamwork. Integration and teamwork lead to many other benefits.

  • Issues of constructability are discussed and solved as the project develops
  • Cost ideas are put forward as design evolves
  • Clients run into fewer surprises because they’re kept well-informed on issues and decisions
  • Fewer substitution requests or requests for information
  • A greener approach with a reduced carbon footprint and improved energy efficiency

Work With a Top Engineering Team in Olympia, WA

At Sunset Air, we are committed to using the most advanced techniques in design, engineering, construction, and facility management so our clients have the end results they want with few delays, surprises, or cost-overruns. We handle a wide range of commercial jobs in the Olympia, WA area and provide full life cycle facility services. We abide by the core values of integrity and quality, and this has helped us build up excellent client relationships. Speak to our award-winning specialists today to get started on your commercial project.