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Utility Rebates in Olympia, WA

Building construction and retrofits are a major investment for any business. One way to help with the costs—aside from hiring a contractor who focuses on efficiency and energy conservation—is to apply for state, federal, and local utility rebates. There are numerous utility rebates for the installation of solar, geothermal, and other renewable energy systems and energy efficiency programs available to businesses in Olympia, WA. Navigating the different incentives and rebates can be tricky, but the most difficult part is ensuring a project meets all the eligibility requirements.

The engineering team at Sunset Air has the credentials, training, and experience necessary to help our clients see the maximum return on investment in renewable energy for their commercial projects. We’ll see you qualify for as many federal and local utility rebates as possible.

Schedule an appointment to learn more about utility rebates in the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington Areas.

Renewable Energy Utility Rebates

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) offers several utility rebate programs for commercial construction and commercial energy retrofits. These rebates can return up to 70% of the qualifying project cost. Installing solar energy systems, high-efficiency heat pumps, and lighting retrofits are among the projects eligible for these rebates. Washington State offers solar incentives and the federal government provides federal tax credits for solar energy systems on commercial properties.

Our technicians can take care of the proper steps for equipment purchase, installation, and the application for the utility rebates. We encourage our customers to invest in renewable energy for their projects, and thanks to the incentives, rebates, and credits, these renewable energy systems are more affordable than ever.

You Can Trust Our Energy-Saving Experts in Olympia, WA

You have many options for a contractor to handle renewable energy retrofits and installations. Why should you choose Sunset Air for these projects? Because we have worked in Olympia, WA since 1976 and have extensive experience with local and federal rebate programs. We are also a certified energy services company (ESCO) and offer LEED services to certify buildings as "green." Solar and geothermal installations are among our specialties, and we have helped many of our clients qualify for local, state, and federal utility rebates. Talk to our experts today to find out how we can help make renewable energy an affordable choice for the future of your business.