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Energy Benchmarking in Olympia, WA

Conserving energy is on the minds of anyone who owns or operates a commercial facility. A reduction in energy use throughout a facility means lower costs, environmental benefits, and often state and local government rebates and incentives. Sunset Air has always focused on delivering energy-efficient solutions and tools to our commercial customers, no matter the job.

But how do we measure energy efficiency? What is the benchmark for energy efficiency in a building? The answer is: energy benchmarking. Our skilled engineering team offers energy benchmarking services for our clients in Olympia, WA and throughout the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington areas. We have the experience, training, and certification to ensure your building meets the codes it needs to receive benefits, rebates, and more. And we’ll provide you with goals to increase your building’s efficiency.

Work with our award-winning technicians for the best commercial energy benchmarking in South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington! Contact our team today to get started.

The Basics of Commercial Energy Benchmarking

Commercial building energy benchmarking is the bedrock for helping you to create an energy use strategy for your facility. After all, you need to know how to measure efficiency improvements in order to be able to manage energy use. What you can’t measure, you can’t control! With people more aware than ever of the importance of environmental and sustainability issues, commercial energy performance benchmarking has become an essential practice.

The process of benchmarking is to compare and measure the performance of a facility against itself, similar buildings, or set standards. Our technicians will create a benchmarking plan and the tools necessary to gather data, analyze and interpret it, and deliver results. Based on the results, building managers can make choices about upgrades and improvements.

Energy Benchmarking Gives You Resources and Goals

Energy benchmarking does make a difference. The US Environmental Protection Agency conducted a recent study that found, on average, buildings that received energy benchmarking consistently use 2.4% less energy than those that didn’t.

Think of benchmarking as "energy accounting," which is just as important as financial accounting for your facility. Benchmarking gives you the data on comparisons that will tell you where your facility stands. You can ensure your building meets all compliance standards. Energy benchmarking can point you toward even greater sustainability and efficiency. Energy benchmarking provides you with goals and even stirs up a spirit of healthy competition when you compare your facility’s energy use to similar facilities.

We Are Your Commercial Specialists in Olympia, WA

The data gathered and analyzed in energy benchmarking is only as good as the commercial professionals who collect the data and the tools they use! Therefore, we recommend working with our team for energy benchmarking in Olympia, WA. Sunset Air is LEED-certified and an Energy Services Company (ESCO), so we understand building energy efficiency from top to bottom, from design to demolition. It is our goal to responsibly use natural resources and help our clients’ facilities do the same. You can rely on us for better energy efficiency through our many innovations and wide range of commercial services.