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Commercial Remodels in Olympia, WA

A building or facility is a flexible space thanks to remodeling. Through the work of professional commercial remodelers, the space can be changed to accommodate a new type of business, expanded or combined to accomodate growth, or given cosmetic changes to offer up a fresh appearance. There are many ways a remodel can increase the function and life cycle of a facility when the job is given to an experienced contractor.

Sunset Air has been in business in Olympia, WA since 1976—we have the commercial remodeling experience you’re searching for. Thanks to our familiarity with work on all parts of a life cycle of a building, we can deliver remodeling results that look to the long-term future. Trust to our innovation and creativity to produce the remodeling project you envision.

Make an appointment with our commercial remodelers today. Contact our team to schedule services in South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington.

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The Difference Between a Remodel and a Retrofit

There is often confusion about the terms remodel and retrofit. Although there is some overlap between them, they don’t mean the exact same thing. A retrofit usually means installing new systems into a building that weren’t present at construction in order to upgrade the building. For example, an energy retrofit (a service we offer) can add new computerized building controls to help conserve energy, and a lighting retrofit might replace old light fixtures with LED fixtures to reduce costs and benefit the environment.

A remodel is altering a building or facility—exterior and/or interior—in a way that changes the building’s design in some fashion. Remodeling covers a large number of jobs with different aims: change the use of a facility, add or subtract space, update the appearance, combine rooms or other layout changes, and even full alterations to the original floorplans. Remodeling can be a cost-saving move compared to uprooting a business to shift it to an entirely new facility.

The Remodeling Process

We approach remodeling the same way we approach larger construction projects. It starts with our design team, who use the best software to create 3D models so customers can make informed decisions and see what the end results will be before any construction begins. We then bring in our engineering team to handle the mechanical requirements of the space. The project is then handed over to construction to build and finish the designs. We handle all jobs in-house to make the process smooth and avoid expensive re-dos and delays.

Commercial Remodelers in Olympia, WA

Sunset Air can take care of all types of commercial remodeling, regardless of size or type. Our award-winning professionals in Olympia, WA will keep up close communication with you through every phase of the project to ensure that we meet your specific goals, whether making cosmetic design changes, improving function, or anything else. Your satisfaction is our number one goal, and we place a high value on integrity in our business dealings.

We can combine any facility remodel with a retrofit, upgrade the plumbing and HVAC system, and much more. Put our wide experience in commercial services to work for you in South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington.