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Facilities Maintenance Services in Olympia, WA

We are dedicated to complete cradle-to-grave services for commercial facilities in Olympia, WA. Ongoing maintain services are an important part of building management—it’s how our technicians make sure the quality systems in a facility continue to be quality systems. Our maintain services are the best way to prolong the effective and efficient life of a commercial building.

Sunset Air provides maintenance services for numerous facilities throughout the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington areas. Through continuous commissioning with your building systems and routine maintenance service for your HVAC, plumbing, solar energy systems, and more, we’ll keep your facilities running at peak performance and efficiency throughout their life cycles. Best of all, we’ll provide you with peace of mind.

Trust to our continuous commercial maintenance services! Contact our team to schedule services in the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington Areas.

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Commercial HVAC Maintenance and More

The basic parts of a facility—plumbing, heating, air conditioning—wear down fast because of almost constant operation. Regular maintenance for these systems is far more complicated than the basic checklist technicians run for residential systems. Our technicians create customized approaches for all our clients and use the finest in technology to pinpoint where tune-ups can boost system efficiency and ensure long system service lives. Our team will locate any repair issues quickly so they can fix them, often on the spot. After one of our maintenance visits, you can relax knowing the vital systems in your facility will rarely give you headaches or force down-time.

Real-Time Fault Detection and Diagnosis

We can keep an eye on your building’s systems through real-time fault detection. It is almost like having an automated fortune-teller watching over your building—except the fortunes are accurate! This automated detection and diagnosis continuously diagnoses your building systems and locates areas of high energy waste and predicts faults in equipment. You can stop energy waste before it begins thanks to real-time fault detection and diagnosis. The data collected helps our technicians with handling repairs and maintenance.

Continuous Energy Savings

It’s never enough to install energy management and building controls and simply leave them running for the rest of the building’s life cycle. The performance of these energy-conserving systems must be overseen and verified so they can be repaired, upgraded, calibrated, and aligned as needed. Our engineering team will monitor your energy management systems through software and web-based analytics, so you can continue to save money with your facility for every year of its life. Best of all, we can make improvements as new technology emerges, keeping your facility at the cutting edge of energy conservation.

Maintenance Services From the Best in Olympia, WA

Sunset Air started in business in 1976, and through a commitment to our customers and a focus on integrity and responsibility, we have grown into one of Olympia, WA’s most sought-after commercial service contractors. We provide an extensive range of commercial services and work with all brands and models, and this makes us specially suited for handling a facility’s maintenance needs. We value innovation and creativity and seek to provide environmentally-friendly solutions for our customers. Put your trust in our expertise and we will make your life less hectic and soothe many of your day-to-day worries.