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Commercial Facilities Conceptualization in Olympia, WA

Commercial building project management moves through multiple phases during the complete life cycle of a building. The beginning of any project is an idea—and when planning starts to analyze how that idea can be realized, the project enters the conceptualization phase. This is one of the basic phases of any project management life cycle.

If you are a business owner with plans for new construction, you can’t take care of conceptualization on your own with only a few digital models and a spreadsheet. Poor conceptualization can break a commercial project before it even gets off the ground, so always hire experienced and licensed designers to handle this part of the life cycle of your building. Sunset Air has the history, tools, and award-winning technicians to shepherd your project through all phases, starting with conceptualizing it.

Trust to our commercial professionals in Olympia, WA. Contact our team today to get started!

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What Happens During Building Conceptualization

Once you’ve had an initial consultation with us, we start conceptualization. We match your project to the ideal team of designers, architects, and engineers, and they go to work planning the building and using the most advanced building information modeling (BIM) software available to generate 3D models. We also engage in good old-fashioned brainstorming—and we have some of the best brains in design and engineering around. Each of the ideas generated goes through a concept evaluation step where the team can compare different approaches to find the most suitable one.

Throughout the conceptualization process, the team will continue to consult with you regarding the features and designs you want. As conceptualization continues, the team will narrow down the focus to fine-tune the outcome. Conceptualization is there to serve your needs—to realize your vision—in the most effective way possible and within the budget you set.

Get Your Project Off to the Best Start in Olympia, WA

Sunset Air is proud to offer a wide range of commercial services to the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington areas. We started in business in 1976 and have helped numerous clients with the life cycle of their buildings. Our conceptualization services make use of the most innovative technologies available. Combined with our technicians’ experience and training, we deliver the best in design and construction services for Olympia, WA. We are dedicated to integrity, forging great customer relationships, and improving energy efficiency. Schedule an initial consultation for commercial building project management with us today.